During the SOA Notification/Throughput Analysis/Discussion at the LNPA WG
meeting today one of the potential short term solutions was to discontinue
the cancellation of subscription versions when the New Service Provider
has NOT submitted his create request by the time the Final Concurrence Create
Window tunable parameter (T2 timer) has expired.

In today's NPAC SMS operations when the Old Service Provider sends his
Create/Concurrence request to the NPAC a pending subscription version is
created on the NPAC SMS, NPAC SMS sends the New Service Provider a
notification that a subscription version has been created and the Initial
Concurrence Create Window tunable parameter (T1 timer) is set. When the T1
timer expires, NPAC SMS sends a Create request notification to the New
Service Provider and sets the T2 timer.  When the T2 timer expires NPAC
SMS Cancels the subscription version and sends both Service Providers (the Old
and the New) a subscriptionVersionStatusAttributeValue notification with
the subscriptionVersionStatus = "cancel".

This short term solution to not update the status of the subscription
version to cancel when the T2 timer expires but let it remain in the NPAC
system with a status of "pending" for a tunable number of days. This means
the Service Providers would not receive a
subscriptionVersionStatusAttributeValue notification with the
subscriptionVersionStatus = "cancel" upon expiration of the T2 timer.

This, in essence, eliminates what is currently done in IIS Flow B. (IIS Version 3.0.2,
Appendix B, page B-158).  This change would be for a region
and NOT configurable by SPID.

The action item for Service Providers is to look internally and determine
how this change (not receiving the notification with the
subscriptionVersionStatus = "cancel" after expiration of the T2 timer) would affect them:

1. Do you currently use this notification to trigger any other process (manual or mechanical)?
2. What would be the impact of NOT receiving the notification?
3. Can you live with NOT receiving the notification (i.e.: come up with a work around)?

All Service Providers are requested to be prepared to discuss this during
a LNPA WG conference call to be schedule for June 4th 1:00PM Eastern time.
Charles will be sending out the bridge number and agenda for the call.


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