Wireless Number Portability Subcommittee

Pooling Task Force

Meeting Agenda

12/11 (1:00 pm to 5:00 pm CT) & 12/01 (8:30 am to 12:00 noon CT)


New Orleans




1.)    Attendees

¨      Conference Bridge

·        Michele Thomas - Voicestream

·        Cheryl Gordon – Alltel

·        Mary Briend - Sprint PCS

·        Liz Coakley - Verizon

·        Lonnie Keck - AT&T Wireless

·        Libbie Casillas - Cingular

·        Kathrine Barrett - Nextel

·        Dannie Fortune - Cingular

¨      In Room Session

·        Chris Duckett-Brown - Verizon Wireless

·        Marcel Champagne - Neustar

·        Amy Putnaam – Neustar Pooling Administration

·        Colleen Flury – ATT Wireless

·        Charlotte Holden – USCellular

·        Rosemary Emmer – Nextel

·        Jeff Adrian - Sprint PCS

·        Mel Clay - Bell South

·        Denise Thomas - Worldcom

·        Karen Mulberry - Worldcom

·        Jan Spitzer - Qwest

·        Julie Neumann –ATT Wireless

·        Jim Grasser-Cingular

·        Gene Johnson - Neustar

·        Patricia Smith - Voicestream

·        Tracy Frank - Business Edge

·        Anne Cummins - AT&T Wireless

·        Anna Miller - Voicestream

·        Brigitte Brown – Telecorp PCS



2.) Signup Sheet sent around

a.       To get on distribution for minutes send an e-mail to Majordomo@telecomse.com     In the body of e-mail type subscribe wireless_pooling

3.)  Agenda Review - agenda accepted


4.)  Minutes review - November minutes accepted


5.)  NPA for NBP trial -

303 CO, 724 PA, 804 VA, 641 IA.  By selecting these four NPAs the smaller wireless carriers have an opportunity to participate. 


There will be only one first implementation meeting per NPA.  The first implementation meetings for the trial NPAs count as the only one that will be done for those NPAs.  However, carriers can join on an adhoc basis Native Block Pooling at will for an NPA that has already had a first implementation meeting, and only for NPAs that have had a first implementation, until such time that traditional pooling begins for wireless carriers.


Questions concerning the number of rate centers that wireless carriers are in the proposed trial NPAs.  It is the PA's responsibility to bring rate center information to the first implementation meeting.  There may be situations where a carrier does not have numbers in any of the pooled rate centers - which would preclude the carriers from participating in the test.  The web site www.numberpool.org has the forecast and donation forms (implementation forms) for pooling.  Carriers do not need a password to read these forms.  On these forms carriers will find each rate center, per pooled NPA, that is part of pooling.


ACTION ITEM:  a conference call is scheduled for December 19th, 8:00 am Pacific, 9:00 am Mountain, 10:00 Central, 11:00 am Eastern to discuss the proposed trial NPAs.  ACTION ITEM:  carriers need to check the proposed NPAs to determine is they are in any of the pooled rate centers within the NPAs.


Notes from Dec. 19, 2001 conference call

1.)  Conversation between Anna Miller and Bob Adkinson NANC Chair

Finish draft proposal today and send to NANC.  Finalize test NPAs today for NBP.

Send the work plan to NANC before the January NANC meeting - ask for feedback before the January 8th WNPSC meeting.  If there is concern from NANC we would schedule another conference call and possibly not have the FIM in January.  However, if there are concerns from NANC the Task Force can move forward with the tutorial session


2.)  Have a tutorial session on forms etc., extend time for the meeting, set milestones.   On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning (as needed) do a tutorial and FIM meeting.


3.)  Test NPAs

303/720, 804/434, 724, 641


·         641 is not in jeopardy, and is not an overlay complex.

·         303 is the underlay of 720 (the overlay).  720 became effective on June 1,


·         724 is the underlay of part of the new 878 (no codes assigned in 878 yet) overlay which became active on August 17, 2001 but has a three-month to exhaust threshold

804 is splitting into 804 and 434.  




6.) Review Native Block Pooling Proposal -


The task force decided to split the requirements document into two separate documents.  The first a proposal to the FCC would be finalized on a conference call Dec 19th and Dec 22, and be presented to NANC before the January NANC meeting.


The second document would be requirements or guidelines for service providers in a native block pooling environment.  This document will be worked on during the January Task Force meeting.