The LNPA-WG's Slow Horse Subcommittee held a brief meeting February

Last Month's Minutes

    No changes were requested for the "2nd draft" of the January 6th
meeting minutes.

SOW 17 Revisions

    Data on NPAC broadcasts to both SOA and LSMS is being requested.
Even though we are focused on the NPAC-LSMS slice of the system, we agreed
to request this data.  Proposed revisions to the questions making up the
data request are due to Steve Addicks by COB 2-21-00.

LSMS Performance Requirement

    Some discussion of whether ability to maintain sustained rate equal
to NPAC "advertised" rate (about 5 TNs/second) is completely adequate or
whether NPAC broadcast peaking is something that must be accommodated.
Further work on this requirement awaits Neustar response to SOW 17.

LSMS Availability Requirement

    Beth Watkins is providing by February 25th revised text for
subcommittee's review.  This will be discussed at the March 7th Slow Horse

Impact of 3x5 Timer Change

    The subcommittee wants to see the impact of changing the NPAC's 3x5
timers for SOA and LSMS broadcasts to 1x15. The change will occur February
20th.  Neustar agreed to provide three months of "slow horse" data, one
report covering January 1st through February 19th and a second report
covering February 20th through March 31st.

Report to NANC

    Revised data request to Neustar needed for LSMS performance requirement.

Next Meeting

    The next Slow Horse subcommittee meeting will be held the morning of
March 7th between the Wireless LNP committee and the LNPA-WG meetings that
week in Denver.

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