CTIA Critical Issues Forum
January 31 - February 1, 2001

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I am pleased to send you the updated information pieces regarding the
upcoming CTIA Critical Issues Forum (January 31- February 1, 2001 in
Dallas, TX). By the way, CTIA has adopted this new term for highly important and
time sensitive wireless industry issues. As you know, we either have
contacted or will contact individuals who are associated with WNP planning
(including WNPSC members) to support this event. This is the first CTIA
event devoted to assisting Non-Porting Carriers outside the Top 100 MSAs
understand WNP and how it will affect their operations.  CTIA's outreach
is gearing up to attract as many small/rural carriers as possible to attend this event.

Due to the critical nature of the this mandate, we have adjusted the fees
to cover costs of developing the Forum...an nothing on top.  We decided to
locate the meeting in Dallas to avoid the cost of travelling to DC.
(January is not the most practical time to travel to DC -- with a new Presidential
Administration rolling into town, it's best to find a place with less traffic! )
The cost is:
(Prior to January 9, 2001)    $150 for CTIA Members* and $200 for non-members
(After Jan. 9, 2001)          $195 for CTIA Members* and $245 for non-members
* CTIA is extending the member rate for RCA and NCTA members
Room rate at the Marriott DFW Airport is $164/night
Several Vendors have generously indicated support for this event to be
able to offer this price to the industry.
We have designed the agenda into 2 parts. The morning sessions will be
informative overviews of the primary issues. The Afternoon sessions will
be set aside for carriers to understand what solutions are available to them.
We have separate rooms set aside for carriers to meet with the largest
Roaming Partners on Day 1 and with Vendors on Day 2.
Please note that CTIA will regularly update the website with
developments for this important event.  http://www.wow-com.com/convsem/

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