Minutes from WNPSC 12/00 Meeting


Anna Miller – Cingular Wireless
Brian Egbert - Sprint PCS
Marcel Champagne – Neustar
Gene Johnson - Neustar
Dominic Choi - AT&T Wireless Services
Stephen Addicks - World Com
Jason Lee - World Com
John Malyar - Telcordia
Anne Mardick - Sprint PCS
Maggie Lee – Illuminet
Mike Panis – Evolving

  1. Introduction and agenda approval

Added two items to the agenda.

2.) Sunset of WNPSC

Only four issues on the Issue's List are open

Question - what is the timeline for the WNPSC

Consensus reached that the WNPSC will continue through March 2001 until after the first Operations Team Meeting. After the Operations Team the WNPSC will be able to define their continuing roll in Wireless LNP Implementation.

3.) Co-chair Position

Linda Godfrey has agreed to accept the co-chair position that Anna vacated.

4.) National Operations Team Mission and Scope Finalized below

Wireless Operations Team

Mission Statement

The Wireless Operations Team provides a forum for the identification, discussion and resolution of issues affecting Service Provider Operational groups in their mandated implementations for Service Provider Local Number Portability (LNP) within their respective companies.

Team Scope

The Team will give on-going support to LNP activities from an operations perspective. This includes the identification of existing or potential gaps between Service Provider implementation of regional and/or national guidelines and associated resolutions or remedies.

The Wireless Operations Team will be responsible for:

5.) Agenda for First Operations Team Meeting

. The first meeting will discuss Mission and Scope, nominations, organizational structure, reference material, web sites, schedules, and overview of NANC structure.

Can Currie with Verizon co-chair of the IITC contacted Anna Miller indicating he would be willing to help the Wireless Operations Team to talk able how they might be able to help. Need about 30 minutes.

Agenda for Operations Team Kick-off

1.) WNP Overview 45 minutes Anna

2.) NANC Sturcture - 15 minutes Anne

3.) Draft Mission and Scope and Responsibilities Recommendation for subcommittee of the WNPSC - desired outcome a draft - 60 minutes Linda

4.) Leadership - nominations and interim - 30 minutes Anne

5.) Testing -

IITC - Dan Currie - 30 minutes (postpone until March meeting and work in testing subcommittee)

6.) Meeting schedule (interim leadership)

ACTION ITEM: PR - place announcement on web site of kick off meeting scheduled Feb 15, 2001 and link to Testing and Wireless LNP documents.

ACTION ITEM: Speakers will have slides ready for the kick-of by the next WNPSC meeting January 9th meeting. At that meeting we will review the presentation to check for continuity and information flow.

6.) Announcements:

7.) Updates:

NENA - Rick Jones has some language changes for the Testing Document that he will send to Paul Gerth. Three test for 911 in the test plan. The wording on the first test was for owner network or roaming. Rick wanted language that included both, wireline to wireless and wireless to wireless.

Wireless LNP study group working on what the wireless PSAP display should be to accommodate mixed service.

Rick asked if there was a way for the wireline carrier to tell the difference between a port request from the fixed wireless provider vs a mobility wireless provider. The LSR will carry the OCN which carriers with it the intelligence.

OBF - no update next meeting is the end of January.

NNPO - Paul Gerth presented the Test Plan last month. A lot a discussion at that presentation the NNPO requested that wireless finish its testing before approaching a wireline carrier to begin testing. The Testing Subcommittee did not agree to include such language in the test plan but felt that this would be taken care of in our by-lateral agreements.

In addition, the NNPO requested that the wireless ops team take the lead for inter species porting. They would participate but they wanted wireless to take the lead.

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