R3.2 ITP Regression List for NANC 287 and 316


Last week during the LNPAWG meeting, a request was made related to the R3.2 ITP TCs. Specifically, in the test case list for NANC 287 and 316 (both of those are re-compile only), there is a statement that says "regression testing only" (i.e., meaning no new TCs for R3.2). Last week's request was to identify those TCs that should be designated for regression testing for these two change orders.

Following is a list of existing (R3.1) ITP TCs that we could test for R3.2 during ITP. Please be prepared to provide feedback during next week's con call, as to which of these should be designated for this testing.

287 (all of the following involve first port notifications only. Need to perform both regular broadcasts [first 6], and recovery [last 2]):

11.1.4, Conditional, MOC.SOA.CAP.NOT.subscriptionVersionNewNPA-NXX
11.1.6, Optional, MOC.SOA.INV.NOT.subscriptionVersionNewNPA-NXX
11.8.12, Required, MOC.SOA.VAL.NOT.subscriptionVersionNewNPA-NXX
11.8.22, Optional, MOC.SOA.INV.NOT.subscriptionVersionNewNPA-NXX

13.1.7, Required, MOC.LSMS.CAP.NOT.subscriptionVersionNewNPA-NXX
13.1.8, Optional, MOC.LSMS.INV.NOT.subscriptionVersionNewNPA-NXX

11.1.7, Conditional, MOC.SOA.CAP.ACT.lnpNotificationRecovery
13.1.9, Conditional, MOC.LSMS.CAP.ACT.lnpNotificationRecovery

316 (SP network address information):

11.6.1, Conditional, MOC.SOA.CAP.OP.SET.serviceProv
11.6.2, Optional, MOC.SOA.CAP.OP.GET.serviceProv
13.5.1, Conditional, MOC.LSMS.CAP.OP.SET.serviceProv
13.5.2, Optional, MOC.LSMS.CAP.OP.GET.serviceProv