NANC 418

Post-SPID Migration SV Counts

Origination Date :12/18/2006

Originator:Syniverse Technologies


Business Need:

The current SMURF file provides a count of the number of LRNs that are changing.  However, it does not provide a count of SVs that are changing per (each) LRN.  When the SMURF files are run, every SV that is assigned to an affected LRN is changed in the LSMS. 

 The notices that are sent out include only an estimate of the number of SVs, as they are created well in advance of the actual creation of the production SMURF file.  Performing spot checks to confirm those estimates has led to the conclusion that there are extremely wide disparities between the estimates provided in the notice and the actual number of SVs that are updated using the LRNs included in the SMURF file.  For the purpose of ensuring the integrity of the file received, as well as the update process results, the actual number of SVs per LRN that are transmitted in the SMURF file should be provided.

Final Resolution:

Functional Backward Compatible:  YES

This change order would add a post-migration SV count for each LRN in a SMURF file. 

The NPAC is to provide a separate post-migration report to the industry.  This report would capture, by LRN, the quantity of SVs updated by the NPAC during the migration.

The report data will be broken down by pooled and non-pooled counts.

 Implemented in FRS 3.4.0a 3/19/10

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.4.0a 3/19/10

Status: Implemented