NANC 424

Number Pool Block (NPB) Donor Disconnect Notification Priority Indicator

Origination Date :09/11/2007



Business Need:

 (PIM 65) – When Number Pool Blocks (NPBs) are disconnected, the defined flow (IIS B.4.4.24) includes an SV Donor Disconnect notification to the Donor SOA.  In some instances, the Donor SOA may not wish to receive these notifications.  In the current notification prioritization functionality, there is no option to indicate a priority level specific to a de-pool and the associated SV Donor Disconnect notifications.  Without this option, the Donor SOA may receive unwanted notifications (if not supporting range notifications, could receive up to 1000 notifications).

Final Resolution:

Backward Compatible:  YES

The NPAC SMS would add a notification category specific to the SV Donor Disconnect notification when an NPB is disconnected.

Implemented in FRS 3.4.0a 3/19/10

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.4.0a 3/19/10

Status: Implemented