NANC 089

Action Scoping and Filtering Support

Origination Date :05/01/1997



It should be indicated in the IIS that scopes and filters are not supported on actions.  The behavior that is to be used rejection or ignoring of the scoping and filtering should also be indicated.

Final Resolution:

This change would be made in the IIS 1.3 or 2.1
MCI and Perot are to follow up on this issue and suggest the final solution.


It should be documented that:


For messages sent to any object, the scope and filter will be checked to insure it is appropriate for that object class.


1. All M-Actions that relate to subscriptions are targeted to lnpsubscriptions.


2. The ONLY filters allowed by the GDMO for lnpSubscriptions are "equality" and "present" for the single attribute lnpSubscriptionsName.


3. If any one of the above M-Actions is sent to a subscriptionVerisonNPAC object you will get a "no such action" error response from that object.


4. If you send a scoped/filters M-Action that whose scope includes objects of class subscriptionVersionNPAC, you will receive an error "no such action" from each object specified by the filter. This could mean 1 for EVERY subscriptionVersion in the NPAC.

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Status: Implemented