NANC 112

Key Expiration

Origination Date :06/21/1997



It has been requested that the following strategy should be used and documented in the FRS and IIS for expiration of keys.  If the service provider determines their key is compromised they should change their own private key and list.  If the NPAC determines that their key is compromised then they should change their own private key and list.  The NPAC should not invalidate a service provider's key and vice versa.  Per 7-111.2 a key whose usage has stopped can not be reused.

Final Resolution:

This implementation needs to be discussed further on the 6/27/97 call.


Bob’s comments will be reviewed and further discussion will occur at the T&O meeting or at our next change management call.


This algorithm will be documented in the Release 1 IIS documentation.  Bob’s approach will be addressed in another change order as a future enhancement.


Requirements will be added for section 7 of the FRS as follows:


NPAC Key Change Algorithm


NPAC SMS shall upon determination that their key has been compromised change their own private key.


Service Provider Key Marked Used/Invalid


NPAC SMS shall only mark a Service Provider key as invalid or used when the Service Provider changes their key.


Verbiage will also be placed in the IIS.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented