NANC Cancel Undo Process

Step 1:  Provider requests a cancel-undo

  • The Cancel-Pending Undo Process may begin with a Service Provider requesting the reversal (undo) of an in-progress cancel for their cancel-pending port.

Step 2:  Is the subscription in cancel-pending status?

  • If Yes, go to Step 4.
  •  If No, go to Step 3.

Step 3:  NPAC rejects the cancel-undo request

  • NPAC sends an error to the requesting SP indicating the current SV status is not valid for a cancel-undo request.
  •  Go to Step 6.

Step 4:  Did the provider requesting a cancel-undo issue a cancel for this subscription?

  • If Yes, go to Step 5.
  •  If No, repeat Step 3.

Step 5:  Notify Provider – NPAC updates subscription to status prior to cancel and notifies NNSP and ONSP

Step 6:  End