NANC Code Opening Process

Step 1:  NPA-NXX holder notifies NPAC of NPA-NXX Code(s) being opened for porting

  • The SP responsible for the NPA-NXX being opened must notify the NPAC via the SOA or LSMS interface within a regionally agreed upon time frame.
  •  In the case of numbers that use a Type 1 wireless interconnection, the corresponding NPA-NXX needs to be opened by the Old Wireline SP.

Step 2:  NPAC updates its NPA-NXX database

  • The NPAC updates its databases to indicate that the NPA-NXX has been opened for porting.

Step 3:  NPAC sends notice of code opening to all Service Providers

  • The NPAC provides advance notice via the object creation message of the scheduled opening of NPA-NXX code(s) via the SOA and LSMS interface. Currently the NPAC vendor is also posting the NPA-NXX openings to the secure website.

Step 4:  End