Effective August 1, 2017 the role of Change Management Administrator (CMA) of the Local Number Portability Administration Working Group (LNPAWG) for all US Regions was transferred to Telcordia Technologies, Inc., d/b/a iconectiv.

To contact the iconectiv CMA or to be added/removed from the LNPAWG distribution list please email cma@iconectiv.numberportability.com.

Please note that on or about September 30, 2017 the collection and history of industry documents will be transferred to https://numberportability.com/. Stay tuned for further updates at upcoming LNPAWG meetings and conference calls.


Problems and Issues Management

In late 1999, the LNPA WG established a "problem identification and management process" (PIM) for LNP issues.  The LNPA WG is not responsible for resolving all LNP problems.  The LNPA WG does an initial evaluation of each LNP problem submitted, then either develops a resolution for the issue or refers the issue to the appropriate forum for resolution.  The status of each LNP issue submitted is reported to the NANC on a regular basis.

The LNPA WG has developed issue submittal guidelines, an issue submittal form, process flows, and a tracking mechanism.  Issues should be submitted to the LNPA WG, using the issue submittal form, at least two weeks before the LNPA WG meeting at which LNP issue's discussion is desired.

  • PIM 72

    Requirement to provide security code/password/pin is causing significant delays in the ability of end users to port away from an existing provider because the end users do not know what the security code/password/pin is.

    Download the document PIM 72

  • PIM 71

    Allowing the OLSP to initiate the cancellation may cause an interruption in service and duplicate billing depending on the timing of the cancellation.

    Download the document PIM 71

  • PIM 70

    In today's version of the NANC flows, both slides 1 and 2 indicate the LSR-FOC process should be used for the processing of ALL intermodal ports (both wireless and wireline). This needs to be revisited and updated to reflect the industry decision.

    Download the document PIM 70

  • PIM 69

    The process for porting telephony service when bundled with Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service in some cases requires the customer to contact the current service provider requesting the DSL be split from the telephony service.

    Download the document PIM 69

  • PIM 68

    A carrier created a very large quantity of ISP subscription versions (aka TN ports) in their pooled 1K blocks with the same routing information carried at the block level over a short time period, causing a significant increase in ports and leading to a performance and capacity issue for a number of Industry LSMS's.

    Download the document PIM 68

  • PIM 67

    The Verizon Wireless Network Repair Bureau (NRB) is experiencing a marked increase in the number of trouble tickets opened for Intercarrier SMS problems related to customers who have Ported In their numbers to Verizon Wireless (VZW). These new VZW customers are unable to receive text messages from customers of the carrier they left due to the data in the Old Service Provider's system(s) not being fully deactivated or cleaned-up.

    Download the document PIM 67

  • PIM 66

    Mass Updates made by NPAC do not persist any modify request data.

    Download the document PIM 66

  • PIM 65

    In the current notification prioritization, there is no way to indicate priority levels for the notifications generated upon the disconnection of NPBs. These disconnects can potentially generate thousands of unwanted notifications for each of the SVs within the block.

    Download the document PIM 65

  • PIM 64

    LTI initiated transactions are broadcast to the SOAs

    Download the document PIM 64

  • PIM 63

    The issue is that some carriers are requiring that the customer have service for 30 days before they will approve a port out request. According to the FCC Mandate, a Service provider can refuse to port in customers but they cannot refuse to port out.

    Download the document PIM 63