Interactive voice response for the Automated TN Lookup System

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How do I get a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the Automated TN Lookup System (IVR)?

What is the call in number for the IVR system?

How long does it take for an IVR PIN to be assigned?

Is the IVR a free service?

How many telephone numbers per call can be checked using the IVR?

Will the IVR system provide carrier contact information on all telephone numbers?

The IVR system states that my PIN is invalid. Who should I contact?

Who do I contact if I have questions or issues utilizing the IVR system?

Who can request an IVR PIN?

How will I receive my IVR PIN?

Can the IVR system be used online?

What are the four characters the system gives before providing the carrier name on a ported telephone number?

The system states that the telephone number has “not been ported”. What does that mean?

What is the NANPA?

If a number is not ported, how can I find out which carrier the number belongs to?

Who do I contact to inquire about the status of my PIN?