IMPORTANT Transition related announcement

(Note: The transition does not apply to Canada)

To all NPAC users. The transition of the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) to iconectiv for all U.S. NPAC regions is now complete. For more information please visit or contact the iconectiv NPAC Help Desk, Phone 844-820-8039, email

Neustar will no longer accept New User Applications for U.S. Service Providers and Providers of Telecommunications Related Services Users that wish to receive NPAC/SMS services.

Access the NPAC

The NPAC contains the proprietary data of competing communications service providers. Given the critical and sensitive nature of this data entrusted to the NPAC by competitors working together to make LNP work, access to the NPAC and usage of NPAC data is strictly defined and limited to specific, permitted uses.

Service providers and providers of telecommunications-related services are the only users permitted to access and/or use NPAC data for the exclusive purpose of routing, rating, or billing of calls, or for performing network maintenance in connection with the provision of telecommunications-related services.

Exception: The NPA-NXX of a telephone number's LRN may be provided to an entity that is not an NPAC User, provided the data is needed for a Permitted Use.  Click here to view the contact information of those entities that are willing to provide such information to non-NPAC Users.

U.S. law enforcement agencies and U.S. public safety answering point providers are permitted to access and use NPAC data strictly to identify the current telecommunications service provider and its legal point of contact for telephone numbers that have been ported.

U.S. businesses that telemarket are permitted to use specific NPAC data to identify telephone numbers that have been ported from a wireline service provider to a wireless service provider to help them comply with FCC mandates that restrict solicitation calls to wireless devices.

Read about each group that accesses or uses NPAC data for more detail and terms.

Become a User

Service Providers and Providers of Telecommunications-Related Services

Access or use data for routing, rating, and billing, and to conduct network maintenance.

Businesses that Need to Comply with U.S. Wireless Do Not Call Laws

Use NPAC data to comply with federal mandates regulating solicitation calls to wireless devices.