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Local Number Portability

What exactly is Local Number Portability (LNP)?

Quite simply, LNP, or number porting, is a system that enables end users to keep their telephone numbers when switching from one communications service provider to another. When deregulation came to the telephone industry, many new service providers emerged, giving consumers a choice of services and prices. Yet, switching to a new provider meant getting a new telephone number.

Number portability changed that, making it easy for consumers to freely select the communications service provider of their choice and retain the same telephone number. Read more about the history of LNP, why it exists, how it works and how it is managed.

What is LNP?

Learn about local number portability and how it gives end users flexibility and convenience when choosing a communications service provider.

How LNP Works

Read the history of local number portability and learn about the processes involved in making sure calls get completed to a ported telephone number.

The NPAC, Neustar & LNP

See how Neustar, as the neutral third-party administrator, works on behalf of all communications service providers to carry out local number portability.