NANC 416

BDD File for Notifications – Adding New Attributes

Origination Date :09/13/2006



Business Need:

As indicated in NANC 412, doc-only FRS updates, two attributes are not included in the Notification BDD file, even though they are part of the actual notification that is sent to the SOA.  With this change order (action item 0906-02), those two attributes will be added to the BDD file, Business Type and Timer Type for Object Creation Notifications, so that the CMIP notification and the BDD file are consistent.

This change order would require development effort for both SOA systems and the NPAC.

Final Resolution:

Func Backward Compatible:  TBD

Nov ’08 LNPAWG, discussion.  Minor clarification on the requirements.  The attached shows the placement of the two attributes in the BDD file.  These attributes will be included when the Service Provider Notification BDD Attributes Indicator is set to TRUE.

Nov ’09 LNPAWG, discussion:

It was suggested to move NANC 416 up from Release 3.4 and implement it with NANCs 440 and 441.  NANC 416 adds Timer Type and Business Type attributes to the BDD file and is needed for recovery.  The group agreed to forward the change order on to the NAPM, and recommend the NAPM request an SOW from Neustar.

 Implemented in FRS release 3.3.4a 12/8/09

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS release 3.3.4a 12/8/09

Status: Implemented