ILL 075

Validate Due Date is > than the NPA-NXX effect date upon Pending Version Creation

Origination Date :11/19/1996

Originator:Forum Meeting


A request has been made for additional requirements for due date validation upon pending version creation for an NPA-NXX that is not in effect.  The due date would not be considered valid if it was not greater than the NPA-NXX effective date.  This change would keep activations of a pending subscription version from occurring before the effective date of an NPA-NXX.

Final Resolution:

This is in Release 2 (SOW 9).


Jan 99 LNPAWG (Atlanta), the documentation wording needs to be changed from:


   "...greater than..."




   "...greater than, or equal to, ..."


when comparing an SV's due date to the NPA-NXX Effective Date.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented