ILL 131

Creation of old SV for Every Change

Origination Date :12/16/1996



The NPAC SMS should create an old subscription version for each change made to an active TN subscription version, regardless of how that change is made. That is, even for events such as an NPA split, an old SV should be

created to preserve the SV containing the former NPA.  Requirements should be added to the FRS to insure this is clear.

Final Resolution:

Detailed requirements have been developed.


RE-OPENED – A question was raised on whether this functionality was really implemented in release 1 by the vendors.  Perot has not implemented this change order in Release 1.  Lockheed will implement this change in their October release.  The requirement is in the FRS.


This change order will be re-applied to the Release 2 FRS document.  Perot will provide this functionality in Release 2.


This is in Release 2 (SOW 9).

Related Release:


Status: Implemented