NANC 013

Notification of T2 expiration to Old SP

Origination Date :03/05/1997

Originator:NANC Meeting


There is currently no notification defined in the FRS or IIS to be sent to the old SP when the final concurrence timer (T2) expires.  It has been requested that a final concurrence timer expiration notification called SubscriptionVersionOldSPFinalConcurrenceWindowExpiration will be sent to the old SP upon expiration of T2. 


A requirement would be added as follows:


R5-23.3.1 Old Service Provider Final Concurrence Timer Expiration Notification


NPAC SMS shall upon expiration of the Final Concurrence Timer send a notification to the old service provider via the SOA to NPAC SMS interface to inform them of the timer expiration.


An additional notification and log record (lnpLogOldSPFinalConcurreneWindowExpirationRecord) for the notification will be added to the IIS.

Final Resolution:

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Status: Implemented