NANC 083

NPAC Time Synchronization

Origination Date :05/01/1997

Originator:Illinois Meeting


It has been requested that a requirement be added to the FRS to require that the NPAC SMS systems use NTP to synchronize from a Stratum 1 host.  This would insure that all NPAC SMS vendors are synchronized on their times.  The requirement would be as follows:


NPAC Clock Synchronization


NPAC SMS shall synchronize its system clock using NTP to a Stratum 1 host.

Final Resolution:

Perot provided the M&P for at minimum a weekly synchronization of their hosts from a Stratum 1 host for release 1.  They are investigating dial-up to a Stratum one host. Stratum one may not be available until release 2.  It has been requested that Perot provide this functionality sooner if possible.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented