NANC 108

IIS Discrepancy with R5-26

Origination Date :06/08/1997



Requirement R5-26 in the FRS 1.2 states that the status is required for the modification of a subscription version.  The IIS has this field as optional.  A change should be made to the IIS ASN.1 for ModifyAction to remove OPTIONAL tag on the version-status field.

Final Resolution:

This is in Release 2 (SOW 9).


Oct 98 LNPAWG (Kansas City), this was discussed by the Group, and it was agreed that removing the OPTIONAL tag would conflict with some existing requirements (R5-26) and functionality.  Thus, it was decided to leave the OPTIONAL tag in place, which results in no changed functionality.  Therefore, this change order essentially becomes NO CHANGE.


Jan 99 LNPAWG (Atlanta), the group decided that the enforcement should be in the rules of the system, and not in the CMIP toolkit.  Therefore, need to change the GDMO behavior and IIS to reflect that an SV Modify, when specifying a TN, must also include the status.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented