NANC 109

Number Pooling

Origination Date :06/09/1997



Number Pooling has been requested for a future NPAC release.  E-mail has been sent to the group to begin initial discussion.

Final Resolution:

Backwards Compatible:  NO


This change has been requested for a future release.  Pending INC decision.


A separate sub-committee has been formed to address National Number Pooling.


During August T&O (Detroit), it was requested that this change order be included when the Mass Update by LNP Type change order (NANC 216) is submitted to the LLCs.


Dec Natl N Pool (Las Vegas), the documentation suite (FRS, IIS, GDMO, ASN.1) was finalized.  Submission by the LLCs to Lockheed is expected on 12/28/98.  Move to Release 3.0 list.


Aug 10/00 – research by CMA indicated that this change order was rolled into NANC 109 which was part of Release 3.0

Related Release:


Status: Implemented