NANC 110

PGP documentation

Origination Date :06/13/1997



It has been requested that the PGP exchange process be documented in the FRS.

Final Resolution:

This information will be added in NANC FRS 1.4 and FRS 2.2


Lockheed will provide this information to Perot Systems.


Perot has reviewed the Lockheed information and has suggested the use of a product called Entrust instead of the ViaCrypt software being used in the Lockheed regions to date.  This product has been presented as a more user friendly and manageable.  PGP is still the algorithm of choice.


Lockheed Martin, the service providers, and their vendors will review the Entrust product.  Information can be found on the web at


Perot and Lockheed have indicated that implementing one product over another would not cause a date slip.  It has been requested that resolution be reached by July 17th .


Decision should be reached by July 25th .


ViaCrypt has been selected by the group.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented