NANC 131

LRN-DownloadData Modification

Origination Date :08/05/1997



In LRN-DownloadData the LRN Value should be optional. Due to the fact that when we try deleted LRN or NPA-NXX, we get sent only the ID and the DownloadReason not the LRN value. Note that the NPA-NXX value is optional in the NPA-NXX –DownloadData.


LRN-DownloadData ::= SET OF SEQUENCE {


   Service-prov-lrn-id LRN-ID,


   Service-prov-lrn-value LRN Optional,


   service-prov-download-reason DownloadReason,


   service-prov-lrn-creation-timestamp GeneralizedTime OPTIONAL


Final Resolution:

Update the IIS and ASN.1.


This is in Release 2 (SOW 9).

Related Release:


Status: Implemented