NANC 138

Definition of Cause Code Values – REVISITED

Origination Date :08/11/1997



NANC 54 defined the cause code values and the FRS was to be updated.  Due to an oversight this update was not made in the FRS.  The change was going to be applied in FRS 1.4 and 2.2.  However, a discrepancy as found. The defined values specified in NANC 54 where are as follows:

The values less than 50 were reserved for SMS NPAC internal use. 

Other defined values are:


1 - NPAC automatic cancellation

50 - LSR Not Received

51 - FOC Not Issued

52 - Due Date Mismatch

53 - Vacant Number Port

54 - General Conflict

In the table in the FRS the following cause code is defined:  NPAC SMS Automatic Conflict from Cancellation

There is no corresponding code defined in Change Order NANC 54.  Is there a numeric value or is this cause code valid?

Requirements for the cause code addition would be as follows:

RR5-36 should be renumbered to RR5-36.2.

RR5-36.1 Cancel Subscription Version – Cause Code for New SP Timer Expiration

NANC SMS shall set the cause code to “NPAC SMS Automatic Conflict from Cancellation” after setting the Subscription Version status to conflict from cancel-pending when the new Service Provider has not acknowledged cancellation after the Cancellation-Final Concurrence Window.

2 will be the value defined for the “NPAC SMS Automatic Conflict from Cancellation” cause code. 

Final Resolution:

Func Backwards Compatible:  NO

Update to be made to the FRS.

Pending review by the vendors.  Lockheed does not set a cause code when the NPAC SMS automatically puts a cancelled order into conflict.  Perot is reviewing their implementation.

There is not a requirement in the FRS for a cause code of NPAC SMS Automatic Conflict from Cancellation.

Operations flows are being reviewed. In figure 6, box 3.

Perot like Lockheed, does not use the cause code in question.

A SOA vendor has been asked to evaluate the impact of not receiving a cause code value with a status of conflict.

Flows in Appendix A also need to be updated.

Awaiting sizing from NPAC vendors, and validation of functionality (reference existing requirements) from cancellation to conflict.

SOA vendors heard from to date do not have a problem with the cause code not being present.

This is an "OLD" Release 2.0 change order, that has been moved into the "Accepted" category, awaiting prioritization

01/02/02 – NPAC R4.0 as submitted to the LLC in 2000 is not going forward.  This change order has been moved back into the “accepted” section of this document.

Implemented in FRS 3.3.0a

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.3.0a

Status: Implemented