NANC 163

NPA Split Implementation

Origination Date :09/25/1997

Originator:Lockheed Martin Regions


An issue has been raised in Illinois relating to NPA Splits that may effect ALL LSMS VENDORS!


It was found that (In the Lockheed implementation):


-    the new NPA-NXX involved in a split must not exist in the NPAC in the current NPAC implementation.


-    the new NPA-NXX is NOT broadcast by the NPAC at any time


-    The NPAC changes the existing NPA-NXX to the new NPA-NXX (therefore keeping the same version id as the old for the new.  Therefore, not causing any delete for the old NPA-NXX in the Local SMS.


The desired behavior is now defined in a separate document being reviewed by the team on the public web site.

Final Resolution:

Requirements have been finalized in the NANC T&0 meeting on 10/9/1997.


Perot first split for Bell South Permissive Dialing will start 3/1.  Bell South will investigate.  The Lockheed regions first split permissive dialing period starts 12/13.


New requirements sent in e-mail need to be reviewed.


Closed 11/7/97. 


Requirements are available on the web.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented