NANC 179

TN Range Notifications

Origination Date :11/25/1997

Originator:Lockheed Martin


Currently notifications for TN range related operations come as individual notifications for each TN in the range.  It has been suggested that the notifications for all TN’s in a range be combined into one notification.

After further analysis, it was determined that this should be revised to include all appropriate status attribute value changes and attribute value changes, plus return to donor notifications.

Final Resolution:

Func Backwards Compatible:  NO

An additional write-up of this change order implementation was provided to the group.  Lockheed is currently doing some preliminary sizing.

SPs should be discussing the downsized version internally.

July 2001: Change Order moved into R3.1 package.

Implemented in FRS 3.1.0, IIS 3.1.0, GDMO 3.1.0, and ASN.1 3.1.0.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented