NANC 192

NPA Split NPAC SMS Load File

Origination Date :01/23/1998

Originator:T&O Conference Call


It was requested that a file be used to load NPA Split information into the NPAC SMS.  This would prevent manual data entry that could introduce errors when entering the NPA Split information.

Pure Backwards Compatible:  YES

John Malyar from Bellcore gathered some information for the group as to whom, how, and when for files containing the data that are distributed in the industry currently.

John indicated that NANPA identifies and announces the split.  The LERG has tools to pull data for a split and distribute it electronically.  This is one source from which a file can be obtained.

 01/02/02 – NPAC R4.0 as submitted to the LLC in 2000 is not going forward.  This change order has been moved back into the “accepted” section of this document.

Implemented in FRS 3.2.0 and IIS 3.2.0.

Final Resolution:


Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.2.0 and IIS 3.2.0.

Status: Implemented