NANC 203

Wireless Addition of WSMSC DPC and SSN Information

Origination Date :03/02/1998

Originator:NANC T&O


Wireless Short Message Service Center (WSMSC) needs to be added as a new set of DPC and SSN information that is part of the subscription version received from SOA, stored on the NPAC SMS, and sent to the LSMS for wireless to wireless porting.  Validation rules are assumed to be those in place today.

Final Resolution:

A bit mask in the NPAC SMS could be used to indicate which SOA and LSMS systems support the new fields. 


See wireless change order detail file.


Submitted to LLCs for sizing and scheduling consideration.


This has been moved into the "Accepted" category, awaiting prioritization.  It is currently in the Amendment to SOW 9.


The amendment (9A) was approved the week of Oct 19, so this change order now moves to current release.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented