NANC 206

Proposed ASN.1 Change ILL 79

Origination Date :03/10/1998

Originator:Telecom Software Enterprises


It has been suggested the ASN.1 for ILL 79 be changed to add a choice after the set of sequence for LSMS and SOA make parsing of the notification data more straight forward for the LSMS and SOA systems.


The change to the LSMS portion of the ASN.1 is shown for illustration:


system-choice CHOICE {


    lsms SET OF SEQUENCE {


      CHOICE {


       Subscription-version-new-npa-nxx VersionNewNPA-NXX,


       lnp-npac-sms-operational-information NPAC-SMS-Operational-Information 




Original ASN.1 follows for the LSMS portion:


system-choice CHOICE {


     lsms SET OF SEQUENCE {


       subscription-version-new-npa-nxx [1] VersionNewNPA-NXX OPTIONAL,


       lnp-npac-sms-operational-information [2]


         NPAC-SMS-Operational-Information OPTIONAL


Final Resolution:

Vendors need to evaluate this change order to determine if this is a positive change.


This change order has no backward compatibility issues and has been submitted to the LLC’s.


This is in Release 2 (SOW 9).

Related Release:


Status: Implemented