NANC 218

Conflict Timestamp Broadcast to SOA

Origination Date :06/05/1998



It has been requested that when a subscription gets placed in conflict, that the time that the subscription version was placed into conflict be broadcast in the status attribute value change notifications to the SOA.  Currently it is defined in the IIS on page 262 (version 1.8) that NPAC is not required to send the timestamp information.  This change would prevent the service provider SOA from having to query the NPAC anytime they need to retrieve a timestamp.  This conflict timestamp is needed so that the new service provider knows when the 6-hour timer has expired and so that they can remove it from.  Also the presence of this timestamp indicates if the subscription has been placed into conflict before.

Pure Backwards Compatible:  NO

Func Backwards Compatible:  YES

It was noted that a SOA could work around this issue, by automatically querying the NPAC for the conflict timestamp, anytime the SP receives a conflict status for an SV.

Leave on open list for now.

01/02/02 – NPAC R4.0 as submitted to the LLC in 2000 is not going forward.  This change order has been moved back into the “accepted” section of this document.

Final Resolution:


Related Release:

Implemented in IIS 3.2.0.

Status: Implemented