NANC 221

Modification of NANC 201 and 202 For New SP Create

Origination Date :06/30/1998

Originator:Lockheed Martin


Requirements need to be updated to add the subscriptionTimerType or SubscriptionBusinessType to the subscriptionVersionNewSP-CreateRequest.  These were omitted from the requirements and should be added.  Lockheed has made assumptions in their sizing that this functionality is included.

Final Resolution:

Approved and closed, 7/15/98.  Functionality has been merged into NANC 201 and 202.


This has been moved into the "Accepted" category, awaiting prioritization.  It is currently in the Amendment to SOW 9.


The amendment (9A) was approved the week of Oct 19, so this change order now moves to current release.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented