NANC 227

10-digit TN Filters (previously know as "Ability to Modify/Delete of Partial Failure SV")

Origination Date :08/07/1998



OLD TEXT:  The NPAC SMS currently rejects a request to "modify active" or "delete" an SV that has a partial failure status.  Nothing can be done to the SV until the discrepant LSMS(s) come back on line, and either recover the broadcast, or accept a re-send from the NPAC.

OLD TEXT:  A business scenario arose whereby a partial failure was affecting a customer's main number, and the New SP couldn't do anything to the SV until the partial failure was resolved.

NEW TEXT:  The NPAC should provide a mechanism that allows 10-digit filters, in order to clean up partial failure SVs that need to be subsequently modified or deleted, by the New SP.

Jun 99, during the Pooling Assumptions walk-thru, four SV requirements were modified, and the functionality was moved into this change order.  Basically, the “partial failure/failed” text is moved to this change order.  The affected requirements are listed below:

SV-230 Modification of Number Pooling Subscription Version Information – Subscription Data

SV-240 Modification of Number Pooling Subscription Version Information – Status Update to Sending

SV-270 Modification of Number Pooling Subscription Version Information – Status Update

SV-280 Modification of Number Pooling Subscription Version Information – Failed SP List

This change order is related to NANC 254.

Final Resolution:

Func Backwards Compatible:  NO

Discussed during 8/12/98 face-to-face T&O meeting (Detroit).

OLD TEXT:  It was determined that the business scenario was primarily human error, and the NPAC should NOT be modified to allow a partial failure to go to active, but still have out-of-sync LSMS(s).

OLD TEXT:  A workaround (available with 1.3 [with the exception of PTO]) would be to temporarily set up a filter for the discrepant LSMS(s), do a re-send which would clear up the failed-SP-List and set the SV to active, then remove the filter.

OLD TEXT:  NEXT STEP:  all SPs and vendors should evaluate if this is an acceptable solution.

OLD TEXT:  Sep LNPAWG (Seattle), this potential M&P work-around has been forwarded to NPAC Operations (Jan Trout-Avery) for further analysis, and will be discussed at the x-regional in New Orleans.

Proposed Solution (continued)

OLD TEXT:  This change order will be left open pending the discussion in New Orleans.

Oct LNPAWG (Kansas City), after discussions in New Orleans at the x-reg meeting, it was requested by Service Providers that Lockheed use the M&P for "partial failures where the customer is out of service" only.

Jan will be doing an M&P on this, and will accumulate data on the frequency of this situation.  Everyone should be aware that the risk for the M&P is that any other SVs that are coming down in the NPA-NXX will NOT be sent to the LSMS.  From an NPAC functional perspective, a potential problem is the complexity of having to keep "versions" of versions, when you have an activate that fails, then allow a modify on top of this.

Jim Rooks provided info on this, to state that he is uncomfortable with the modify of a partial failure.  We further discussed the potential of a 10-digit filter that would override the existing 6-digit filter.  This should be the same change order, but will replace the title from modify partial failure to 10-digit filter.

Nov LNPAWG (Dallas), re-capped discussion from KC.  Desire of this functionality is to have NPAC Personnel perform this activity (of putting up 10-digit filters), and NOT allow SPs to send this over the interface.

This has been moved into the “Accepted” category, awaiting prioritization.  The group will flush out the details once this gets placed into a specific release.

Jul LNPAWG (Ottawa), no comments on pooling additions.

01/02/02 – NPAC R4.0 as submitted to the LLC in 2000 is not going forward.  This change order has been moved back into the “accepted” section of this document.

01/15/02 – Also note that this change order was merged with NANC 254 sometime during or prior to the R4.0 discussions and is now referred to NANC 227/254.

Implemented in FRS 3.3.0a and GDMO 3.3.0. 

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.3.0a and GDMO 3.3.0.

Implemented in Release 3.3.0.

Status: Implemented