NANC 230

Allow a Donor SOA to Create a Port-to-Original on an Intra-Service Provider Port

Origination Date :08/12/1998



The current NPAC SMS functionality does not allow a Donor SOA to create a PTO SV with LNPType = LISP.

The business scenario is that a customer is “home'd” to switch A, then moves down the street and is “home'd” to switch B (still in same rate center, so was LISP-ed to switch B), then moves back up the street (and needs to be re “home'd” to switch A, but is still a working number).
In this scenario, the SP should send an LISP PTO create and activate.

Func Backwards Compatible:  NO

August T&O (Detroit).  This change order was opened to replace its "sister" change order, NANC 223.

NEXT STEP:  all SPs and vendors should evaluate if this is an acceptable solution, or if there are any operational issues with sending an LISP PTO.

Sep LNPAWG (Seattle), All SPs are O.K. with this change order.

Jim Rooks will look at this, since there may be an NPAC issue.  In some current processing the NPAC needs the LNP type and if it is not available, the NPAC looks at the SPID values, and if they are the same, then the NPAC assumes it is LISP.  Jim's point is that there may be an interface change.  He will report at the next meeting.

Oct LNPAWG (Kansas City), Jim reported that this will NOT require an interface change.  It does, however, require a change to the NPAC processing rules.  Some of the changes for Pooling help to minimize changes to the NPAC.

This should be moved into the "Accepted" category, awaiting prioritization

“accepted” section of this document.

01/02/02 – NPAC R4.0 as submitted to the LLC in 2000 is not going forward.  This change order has been moved back into the “accepted” section of this document.

Final Resolution:


Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.2.0, IIS 3.2.0 and GDMO 3.2.0.

Status: Implemented