NANC 240

No Cancellation of SVs Based on Expiration of T2 Timer

Origination Date :10/15/1998

Originator:LNPA WG


During the discussion of NANC 198, it was mentioned that Service Providers end up doing more work if the NPAC cancels an SV, at the expiration of the T2 timer, when a New SP does NOT send up a matching Create message.

Therefore, this change order has been opened to explore the possibility of changing the NPAC to cancel the SV, "at some later date ", than the expiration of T2, which is what the current functionality requires (R5-23.4 New Service Provider Fails to Authorize Transfer of Service).

This change order is related to NANC 198.

During the Sep LNPA-WG meeting, another option was proposed by Ameritech.  After T2 has expired and the New SP has NOT sent up a matching SV create, the NPAC SMS sets the SV to conflict (instead of cancel).  The conflict would go to cancel after a tunable (currently set to 30) number of days (i.e., self cleaning), reference tunable “Conflict Expiration Window”.

Final Resolution:

Func Backwards Compatible:  NO

Jim will look into NPAC functionality to determine if there are any issues.

Service Providers should evaluate internal issues with the LSR/FOC process, as well as operational impacts that may occur if this change order is implemented.  Specifically, the New SP should evaluate if they could use the T1 expiration timer notification, as a mechanism to take an action, and send up the matching Create message to the NPAC.

MCI has requested that the following be considered for the processing steps:

When the T2 timer expires before a new SP Create message is  received by NPAC, the NPAC shall:

1. send notification to both old SP and new SP that T2 timer has expired, and

2. start the T3 timer (tunable).

Upon receipt of the new SP create before expiration of the T3 timer, the NPAC shall stop the T3 timer.

Upon expiration of the T3 timer before new SP create message is received by NPAC, the NPAC shall:

1. cancel the pending SV, and

2. send notification to both old SP and new SP that pending SV is canceled due to missing new SP create.

Nov LNPAWG (Dallas), spirited discussion by the group.  One thing to keep in mind that if we determine we do NOT want the NPAC to auto cancel at the expiration of T2 (and want some later date), then we need to separate this from the T2 timer.  Need to add the option that we may need to incorporate this auto cancel into some type of housekeeping, and not have it scheduled like today’s T1 and T2 timers.

Move to accepted, even though the words are still very uncertain, we haven’t decided on the actual solution, and we need to perform further analysis.  The T3 option proposed by MCI is just one of several potential options that need to be hashed out when this change order gets prioritized to a specific release.

July 2001: Change Order moved into R3.1 package.

Implemented in FRS 3.1.0, IIS 3.1.0, GDMO 3.1.0 and ASN.1 3.1.0

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Status: Implemented