NANC 243

Removal of NPA-NXX or LRN from NPAC

Origination Date :10/29/1998

Originator:National Number Pooling Sub-Committee


The NPAC SMS and the FRS need to be updated to further define the condition where NPA-NXXs or  LRNs can be deleted from the NPAC SMS.


The current NPAC SMS functionality and the FRS states, "shall allow the removal…only if no Subscription Versions, except for Old or Cancelled Subscription Versions exist… ".


The correct behavior should be "…except for Old with NO Failed SP List or Cancelled… ".

Final Resolution:

Backwards Compatible:  YES


Nov LNPAWG (Dallas), yes this is a problem that needs to be fixed.  This has been moved to the “Accepted” category, awaiting prioritization.


Dec LNPAWG (Atlanta), this has been grouped with National Number Pooling (need consistent behavior for SVs that are defined for Blocks).  Detailed requirements will be written up and distributed by the CMA.  Move to Release 3.0 list.

Related Release:


Status: Implemented