NANC 291

SSN Edits in the NPAC SMS

Origination Date :07/07/1999

Originator:Bell Atlantic/ Sprint


The NPAC SMS should edit and prevent a new Service Provider CREATE message from specifying final Global Title Translations for CLASS, LIDB, CNAM, ISVM MWI, and WSMSC.

Description of Issue:

There have been instances when the new Service Provider, upon sending the new SP CREATE message to NPAC, has provided final Global Title Translation data for the Destination Point Codes and Subsystem Numbers for CLASS, LIDB, CNAM, and/or ISVM MWI.  This final GTT data is broadcasted by NPAC to all applicable subtending service providers in the Region.  This has resulted in TCAP routing errors for subtending service providers who do not have route sets built based on final GTT to the new SP.

Proposed Change Order:

Implement an edit in NPAC that will reject a new SP CREATE message if the message contains a Destination Point Code with a non-zero (000) Subsystem Number for CLASS, LIDB, CNAM, ISVM MWI, or Wireless Short Message Service.  This edit shall be settable (active or inactive) on a Regional NPAC basis.  It shall apply to all DPCs associated with ported and pooled DNs.  For 1K block pooling, the NPAC SMS will reject creation of block data containing a non-zero Subsystem Number, whether by NPAC personnel or via the new SP's SOA, if the edit is active.

Pure Backwards Compatible:  YES

Jul LNPAWG (Ottawa), lots of discussion.  Some SPs using final, but not sure how much of a problem this is creating.  In all cases discussed, led to new SP changing SSN to gateway value instead of final value.

Homework for all SPs for next month.  Figure out requirement to broadcast final GTT instead of gateway, and willingness to change this approach.  SPs will need to substitute final in their own network.  SPs should understand that if no arrangement is set up between the providers, then routing errors (to the new SP’s customer) will occur.  This affect creates, modifies, and mass updates.

Aug LNPAWG (Portland), since the conference bridge was not available at the time this was discussed, the group agreed to postpone the discussion until September (assuming a conference bridge was available at that point in time).

Sep LNPAWG (Chicago), much discussion.  A vote 10 (for) to 1 (against) was taken to move this change order into the accepted category.

01/02/02 – NPAC R4.0 as submitted to the LLC in 2000 is not going forward.  This change order has been moved back into the “accepted” section of this document.    

Final Resolution:

Implemented in FRS 3.2.0, IIS 3.2.0, GDMO 3.2.0.

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.2.0, IIS 3.2.0, GDMO 3.2.0.

Status: Implemented