NANC 319

NPAC Edit to Ensure NPA-NXX of LRN is in Same LATA as NPA-NXX of Ported TN

Origination Date :10/25/2000



Local Number Portability (LNP) standards require that service providers assign at least one Location Routing Number (LRN) per switch per LATA that the switch serves.  Post-query LNP call processing in the various switch types requires that the NPA-NXX of an LRN that is returned from the database must be in the same LATA as the NPA-NXX of the dialed number. 

Currently, the NPAC does not perform any edits on a New Service Provider CREATE or MODIFY messages in order to ensure that the NPA-NXXs of both the LRN and the ported TN are in the same LATA.

When a call is placed to a ported TN associated with an LRN from an NPA-NXX in a different LATA, the call fails in the originating switch, resulting in a service-affecting condition that is predominantly identified only after customer complaints.

This proposed Change Order is a request for an NPAC edit on New Service Provider CREATE and MODIFY messages that would reject any CREATE or MODIFY if the NPA-NXXs of the LRN and ported TN contained in the CREATE or MODIFY are not in the same LATA.  This edit would eliminate this particular service-affecting condition as well as the expense of trouble-shooting the cause and working with the New Service Provider to modify their LRN.

Func Backwards Compatible:  ???

November 2000 meeting: Currently the NPAC has no concept of a LATA.  When a new NPA-NXX is opened the LERG assigns a LATA ID.  An NPA can cross LATAs.  Every NPA-NXX has a LATA association.  It is a 3-digit number. There is one LRN per LATA but there can be multiple NPAs in a LATA and multiple LATAs in an NPA.  This edit would ensure that the NPA-NXX of the TN and the NPA-NXX of the LRN is the same. LATAs can cross NPAC regions.  The LERG would be the source of the LATA information rather than the Service Providers. If there is no LATA in the LERG information for the NPA-NXX or the LRN then the NPAC would reject the create request.  If there were a modification of an LRN to active SVS or in a Mass Update this edit would have to be applied.  This would also apply to Pooled Blocks.  LATA should not be criteria for Mass Update.

December 2000 Meeting:  Group accepted this change order.  It was also determined that the change order needed to cover Modifies as well as Creates.

Final Resolution:

Implemented in FRS 3.2.0.

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.2.0.

Status: Implemented