NANC 321

Regional NPAC NPA Edit of Service Provider Network Data - NPA-NXX Data

Origination Date :12/13/2000



Business Need:

When a service provider submits a message to the NPAC in order to create a pending subscription version, the NPAC verifies that the old service provider identified in the message is the current service provider and that the number to be ported is from a portable NPA-NXX.  If the telephone number already is a ported number, the NPAC will look at the active SV for that number to determine the identity of the current SP as shown in the active SV.  If no active SV exists, then the number is not currently ported and the NPAC determines the current SP instead based on NPA-NXX ownership as shown in the NPAC's network data for each service provider.  The NPAC also looks at the network data to confirm that the NPA-NXX has been identified as open to portability.

If a service provider has entered an NPA-NXX in its network data but has done it for its network data associated with the wrong region, then the correct NPAC region, when receiving create messages involving numbers in that NPA-NXX, will be unable to see that the TNs involve a portable NPA-NXX; in this case the create message will be rejected by NPAC.  Furthermore, another service provider could erroneously enter the NPA-NXX in its network data for the correct NPAC region.  Then the NPAC's portable NPA-NXX validation would pass, but the current service provider validation would fail.  In either case the telephone number could not be ported until the service provider network data error were corrected.

It is important therefore to assure that service provider NPA-NXX network data be populated only in the proper NPAC region and to allow only the LERG-assignee to populate the data.  The introduction of an NPA edit function, to validate that an NPA-NXX input is to network data associated with the NPAC region encompassing the involved NPA will effectively serve both functions.  Such an edit function would not allow a service provider to put its NPA-NXX data in the wrong NPAC region's database and it consequently would not allow the improper LERG-assignee entries to remain long undetected. 

Description of Change:

Network Data is submitted by service providers over their SOA/LSMS interfaces or via the NPAC Administrative OpGUI or the SOA LTI.  A provider is required to enter each portable NPA-NXX for which it is the LERG assignee.  The NPAC uses this service provider network data to perform certain validation functions of subscription version data -- to confirm current SPID correct and that TN is from portable NXX -- and to determine TN ownership in snap-back situations. 

Detailed requirements are as follows:

1.  The NPAC will reject an NPA-NXX network data entry attempt if the NPA involved is not encompassed by the NPAC region to which the data is being submitted.

2.  A table of valid NPAs will be established for each regional NPAC.

3.  Each table of valid NPAs open in the NPAC service area will be maintained by NPAC personnel for each regional NPAC.

4.  The NPAC will obtain information on new NPAs from the LERG.

5. The change order would be implemented on a regional basis.

Final Resolution:

Functional Backwards Compatible:  Yes

January 2001 meeting:  Accepted pending review of the final write-up in February.

February 2001 meeting:  Accepted

Implemented FRS 3.3.0a.

Related Release:

Implemented FRS 3.3.0a.

Status: Implemented