NANC 329

Prioritization of SOA Notifications

Origination Date :06/13/2001



Business Need:

With the deployment of the NPAC Release 3.0 in the Northeast region a SOA – NPAC Interface problem has surfaced.  The improved performance of NPAC Release 3.0 and the faster hardware platform that this software is running on is resulting in transactions being processed for broadcast to the industry quicker than the SOA – NPAC interface can transmit them. During peak periods the interface cannot support the volumes of notifications that the NPAC SMS is generating, thus there is a long delay in notification delivery that results in operational issues.  At the current time it is the ILEC that is primarily affected by this problem because the ILEC receives the largest volume of SOA notifications but the problem has the potential of affecting any Service Provider. The NAPM, LLC has decided not to go forward with the deployment of NPAC Release 3.0 until this interface problem has been mitigated.  NeuStar is proposing that SOA Notifications be prioritized and transmitted over the interface based on priority.  This would allow for more timely delivery of Service Providers high priority notifications.

Description of Change: 

Currently SOA notifications are not prioritized so they are generated by the NPAC SMS and then transmitted on a ‘first in, first out’ basis. During a large porting volume peak this model can produce major delays in the transmission of notifications through the SOA – NPAC interface, resulting in operational issues.  This change order would prioritize SOA notifications and allow requests and notifications with the highest priority to be transmitted first.  The SOA notifications would have five categories: high, medium, low, and none.  The category of none would indicate that a Service Provider did not want to receive a particular notification. One of the other three categories would be assigned to each notification on a per region basis.  A Service Provider would have the option of overriding the default value.

Func Backwards Compatible:  YES

June 2001 meeting:  CMA to work with NeuStar to develop first draft of the requirements which will be reviewed by the LNPA WG via Conference Call on Thursday, 06/28/2001.

Jul 2001 meeting:  Accepted.  Change Order included in R3.1 package.

Final Resolution:


Related Release:

Change Order included in R3.1 package.

Status: Implemented