NANC 348

Bulk Data Download File for Notifications

Origination Date :03/06/2002



Business Need:

Service Providers use Bulk Data Download (BDD) files to recover customer, network, block, and subscription data in file format.  This occurs when automated recovery functionality is either not available or not practical (e.g., too large of time range) for the data that needs to be recovered.

The current requirements do not address BDD files for notifications.  In order to provide more complete functionality for a Service Provider to “replay” messages sent by the NPAC, the ability for the NPAC to generate a BDD file for a time range of notifications would potentially reduce operational issues and the work effort required for a Service Provider to get back in sync with the NPAC, by providing the Service Provider with all information that they would have received had they been associated with the NPAC.  Additionally, this would be needed for LTI users transitioning to a SOA, or SOA users that need to recover notifications for more than the industry-recommended timeframe of 24 hours.

With this change order, the NPAC would have the capability to generate a BDD file of notifications for a Service Provider within a certain date and time range.

Final Resolution:

Interface and Functional Backwards Compatible:  YES

The NPAC would provide the functionality for NPAC Help Desk personnel to generate a BDD file of notifications for a requesting Service Provider.

Selection criteria would be any single SPID, date and time range (notification attempt timestamp), and include all types of notifications.  The sort criteria will be chronologically by date and time.

The file name will contain an indication that this is a notification file, along with the requested date and time range.  The output file would be placed in that Service Provider’s ftp site directory.

Oct ’02 LNPAWG – discussed Major points/processing flow/high-level requirements.

Nov ‘02 LNPAWG – Reviewed at meeting, move to accepted.  Start working on detailed requirements.

Implemented in FRS 3.3.0a.

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.3.0a.

Status: Implemented