NANC 357

Unique Identifiers for wireline versus wireless carriers (long term solution)

Origination Date :04/12/2002



Business Need:

In the LSR process, there is a need to identify a Service Provider’s port request as that from or to a Wireline or Wireless Service Provider in order to process the port request correctly within internal systems.  This information must match up with NPAC information on each Service Provider’s Type.  Without this information, port requests may be handled incorrectly thus effecting customer phone service including related E911 records.  This is especially crucial in fully mechanized LSR processing systems.

This long-term solution replaces the interim solution provided by the associated NANC Change Order, 356.

Final Resolution:

Func Backwards Compatible:  NO

The NPAC SMS shall provide a Service Provider Type indicator for each Service Provider.  This new indicator shall initially distinguish each Service Provider as either a Wireline Service Provider or a Wireless Service Provider.  The Service Provider Type indicator shall be able to distinguish additional “types” as deemed necessary in the future (e.g., it may be advantageous in the future to identify other Service Provider Types such as Reseller or Service Bureau).

This information shall be sent to the SOA/LSMS upon initial creation of the Service Provider, upon modification of a Service Provider’s Type and when the SP is removed (deleted) from the NPAC.

The Service Provider Type indicator shall be added to the Bulk Data Download file, available to a Service Provider’s SOA/LSMS.

The Service Provider Type indicator shall be Recoverable across the SOA/LSMS with the implementation of NANC 352.

Jan ’03 LNPAWG, approved, move to accepted category.

Implemented in FRS 3.3.0a, GMDO 3.3.0 and ASN.1 3.3.0.

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.3.0a, GMDO 3.3.0 and ASN.1 3.3.0.

Status: Implemented