NANC 358

Change for ASN.1: Change SPID definition

Origination Date :04/12/2002



Business Need:

The current ASN.1 definition allows the SPID to be variable 1-4 alphanumeric characters.  The current behavior in the NPAC requires SPID to be four alphanumeric characters, as defined in the current data model in the FRS – a “New Service Provider ID, Character (4), Old Service Provider ID, Character (4)”, and the GDMO “Valid values are the Facilities Id (or OCN) of the service provider.”

The OCN in the GDMO is the same OCN as defined by OBF (; Issue 177):

“Company Code/Operating Company Number (OCN) - A unique four-character alphanumeric code assigned by NECA that identifies a telecommunications service provider, as outlined in the ANSI T1.251 standard, Identification of Telecommunications Service Provider Codes for the North American Telecommunications System.  The code set is used in mechanized systems and documents throughout the industry to facilitate the exchange of information.  Company Codes assigned by NECA are referred to as OCNs in Telcordia’s BIRRDs system.  NANPA requires a carrier’s Company Code in order to obtain numbering resources.  The FCC requires a carrier’s Company Code on FCC Form 502, the North American Numbering Plan Numbering Resource Utilization/Forecast Report.”

This change order will correct the ASN.1 definition to match the current implementation.

Final Resolution:

Func Backwards Compatible:  YES

Current ASN.1 definition:

ServiceProvId ::= GraphicString4

GraphicString4 ::= GraphicStringBase(SIZE(1..4))

New ASN.1 definition (new is bold):

ServiceProvId ::= GraphicFixedString4

GraphicFixedString4 ::= GraphicStringBase(SIZE(4)) 

Jan ’03 LNPAWG, approved, move to accepted category.

Implemented in ASN.1 3.3.0.

Related Release:

Implemented in ASN.1 3.3.0.

Status: Implemented