NANC 414

Validation of Code Ownership in the NPAC

Origination Date :11/14/2006



Business Need:

There is no validation of ownership when a code is opened in NPAC’s network data and codes sometimes are opened in NPAC under the wrong SPID.  There have been instances of carriers working around the NPAC’s validation of TN ownership when code ownership data is not correct in NPAC by entering the wrong old-SP SPID value to match the NPAC’s code ownership data in the new SP’s create request.  This allows the NPAC porting processes to proceed, but the actual current service provider does not receive NPAC notifications about the impending port.  An incorrect code ownership indication in NPAC’s network data delays the porting process and can create a substantial burden on industry to correct subsequent errors in individual ported TN records.

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Final Resolution:

Functional Backward Compatible:  YES

The change is to verify code ownership when new NPA-NXXs are opened in the NPAC.  The following items apply:

  • NANPA website is the public data source for code ownership.
  • SPs provide the set of OCNs associated with each NPAC SPID.
  • SPs notify NeuStar for any code ownership changes that are not reflected accurately on the NANPA website.  (This can occur if SP performs code transfer without notifying NANPA.)
  • NeuStar enhances the NPA-NXX Create request validation rules to verify code ownership.
  • Code ownership applies to NPA Splits (if the OCN of the new NPA-NXX is not associated with the owner of the old NPA-NXX, the NPAC will reject the split request).

 Implemented in FRS 3.4.0a 3/19/10

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.4.0a 3/19/10

Status: Implemented