NANC 433

VoIP SV Type

Origination Date :03/12/2008



Business Need:

During the discussion of FCC Order 07-188, participants agreed that the SV Type values should be modified to align with the definition in the Order. 

 VoIP SV Type in the FRS-- In both the intro section (1.2.16) and the data model section (SV data model – table 3-6, and Number Pool Block data model – table 3-8), the text for “voIP” should be replaced with “Class 2 Interconnected VoIP”, and “SV Type 5” should be replaced with “Class 1 Interconnected VoIP”.

Final Resolution:

Backward Compatible:  YES

Update the FRS accordingly.

Implemented in FRS 3.4.0a 3/19/10

 Implemented in 3.4.0 ASN.1/GDMO

Related Release:

Implemented in FRS 3.4.0a 3/19/10

Implemented in 3.4.0 ASN.1/GDMO

Status: Implemented