Law Enforcement Agencies and Public Safety Answering Point Providers

In the course of performing their duties, U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies and Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) providers rely on NPAC data to identify the carrier currently serving a telephone number. Whether searching for persons of interest, executing subpoenas for wiretaps or telephone calling records, or responding to emergencies, agencies must determine whether the telephone number has been ported, and if so, to which carrier. Law enforcement agencies are defined as agencies of the United States, State or local governments that investigate or make arrests for violations of federal, state or local laws, and entities performing PSAP functions.

Two U.S. NPAC solutions are used to identify the current telecommunications service provider and its legal point of contact for telephone numbers that have been ported:

Local Portability Enhanced Analytical Platform (LEAP) : Neustar is authorized by the NAPM LLC to offer the LEAP service to U.S. law enforcement agencies and PSAP providers. The service is a subscription-based, online portal through which customers can retrieve ported telephone number information on a batch basis.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System : A free, phone-based, dial-in service for U.S. law enforcement agencies and PSAP providers that provides information on up to 20 telephone numbers at a time.

Comparison of LEAP and IVR LEAP IVR
Identifies the current service provider and legal point of contact Yes Yes
Identifies whether the telephone number is ported Yes Yes
Search by individual telephone number Yes Yes
Provides up-to-date porting history Yes
API to retrieve information on volumes of telephone numbers Yes
Number of telephone number look-ups per session 100 20
Online access Yes
Search by range, file upload or API Yes
Provides historical porting information Yes
Automated subpoena generation Yes
Pre-paid industry activity Yes