Founded in 1996, Neustar has been at the forefront of telephone number portability and number management since its inception. Today, in addition to serving as the NPAC Administrator for Canada, Neustar is a leading global provider of mission-critical communication, connection, information and analysis services and infrastructure to the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment, advertising and marketing industries. In brief, Neustar is the neutral third party trusted to securely manage the information needed to connect everyone, across networks, on every device.

In Lock-step with the Communications Industry

Neustar is comprised of communications and numbering innovators and experts who have been at the forefront of the communications industry for over 15 years. Many of these innovators who helped plan and introduce number portability still work at Neustar.

Every day, without knowing our name, people around the world rely on Neustar as the critical piece that facilitates connecting them to other people and services, wherever they are and with whatever device they have in hand, fast, cost-efficiently and securely.


Neustar serves the Canadian Constorium and the communications industry as the sole administrator for the following essential services:

  • NPAC Administrator since its inception in 1996, operating the authoritative databases for Canada
  • Top Level Domains registry for .us and .biz.
  • CNAM Services, largest independent provider of Caller ID services

Neustar actively participates in numerous wireless and wireline industry and standards organizations, including:

  • Ordering and Billing Forum (OBF) − Wireless Committee Chair and OBF Intermodal Subcommittee
  • Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), including the Industry Numbering Committee (INC)
  • Communication Technology Industry Association (CTIA)
  • Local Number Portability Administration Working Group (LNPA WG)

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