Effective August 1, 2017 the role of Change Management Administrator (CMA) of the Local Number Portability Administration Working Group (LNPAWG) for all US Regions was transferred to Telcordia Technologies, Inc., d/b/a iconectiv.

To contact the iconectiv CMA or to be added/removed from the LNPAWG distribution list please email cma@iconectiv.numberportability.com.

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NANC Change Orders

The NANC Change Order section contains descriptions of the business functionality of the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) Service Management System (SMS) as defined by the Local Number Portability Administration Working Group (LNPA WG), which has a direct relationship to the processes and systems that each Service Provider uses to participate in LNP.

When a change in the NPAC software design is discussed at  the LNPA WG, the proposed change eventually is described in the form of a change order.  The change order document describes the business need for the software change and, at a high level, the software changes required to implement the proposal.  As discussions progress, the technical portion of the change order is expanded to document both new software requirements and changes to existing software requirements that would result if the Change Order were implemented.  (Operational impacts of a change order are described in "Method & Procedures" documents issued before the change order is implemented.)  In this section of the NPAC.com web site, all change orders ever considered are listed.  The final change order document and the LNPA WG discussion notes, the change order's status, and the identity of the software release in which the change order was implemented are provided here.

 The status of a change order may be either Closed, Open, Implemented, or Requested.  These terms are defined as follows:

  • Closed – The change order was considered and rejected.
  • Open – The change order has been considered and there may be further discussion.
  • Implemented – The change order was adopted and has been implemented in the NPAC system.
  • Requested – The LNPA WG has asked the NAPM LLC to arrange for the change order's implementation, but the change order is not yet implemented.

Change Order Summary sent to LNPA WG distribution --> Change Orders

Change Order Implemented List sent to LNPA WG distribution --> Implemented Change Orders

Change Order Prioritization Guidelines --> Guidelines Document

NANC Change Orders

Change Order Date Originated Description Status
NANC 412 05/31/2006 Doc Only Change Order: FRS Implemented
NANC 411 04/30/2006 Doc Only Change Order: IIS Implemented
NANC 410 11/11/2005 Doc Only Change Order: IIS Implemented
NANC 409 10/27/2005 Doc-Only Change Order: FRS Updates Implemented
NANC 408 10/25/2005 SPID Migration Automation Change Implemented
NANC 407 09/01/2005 NPAC Range Operations and Associated Notifications Implemented
NANC 406 07/28/2005 Doc Only Change Order: FRS Implemented
NANC 405 07/15/2005 Doc Only Change Order: IIS Implemented
NANC 404 07/15/2005 Doc Only Change Order: GDMO Implemented
NANC 403 03/30/2005 Only allow Recovery Messages to be sent during Recovery Open
NANC 401 01/13/2005 Separate LSMS Association for OptionalData Fields Closed
NANC 400 01/05/2005 URI Fields Implemented
NANC 399 01/05/2005 SV Type and Alternative SPID Fields Implemented
NANC 398 09/27/2004 WSMSC data discrepancy situation with NANC 323 Migration Closed
NANC 397 07/28/2004 Large Volume Port Transactions and SOA Throughput Implemented
NANC 396 09/09/2004 NPAC Filter Management – NPA-NXX Filters Implemented
NANC 395 06/30/2004 LATA ID and NPA Split Reference Files Implemented
NANC 394 06/16/2004 Consistent Behavior of Five-Day Waiting Period Between NPA-NXX-X Creation and Number Pool Block Activation, and Subscription Version Creation and its Activation Implemented
NANC 393 05/06/2004 NPAC Updated Performance Requirements Implemented
NANC 392 03/11/2004 Removal of Cloned Copies of SVs and NPBs Implemented
NANC 391 01/07/2004 Doc-Only Change Order: FRS Updates Implemented
NANC 390 10/16/2003 New Interface Confirmation Messages SOA/LSMS- to- NPAC Closed
NANC 389 10/16/2003 Performance Test-Bed Closed
NANC 388 v2 05/11/2006 Un-do a “Cancel Pending” SV Implemented
NANC 388 09/17/2003 Un-do a “Cancel Pending” SV Implemented