NANC First TN Ported in NPA

Step 1:  NPAC successfully processes create request for TN subscription version

  • SP notifies the NPAC of SV creation for a TN in an NPA-NXX.

Step 2:  NPAC successfully processes create request for NPA-NXX-X

  • NPAC successfully processes an NPA-NXX-X for a Number Pool Block.

Step 3:  First Subscription Version activity in NPA-NXX?

  • If Yes, go to Step 4.
  •  If No, go to Step 5.

Step 4:  Notify Provider – NPAC sends notification of first TN ported to all providers via SOA and LSMS

  • When the NPAC receives the first SV create request in an NPA-NXX, it will broadcast a “heads-up” notification to all SPs via the SOA and LSMS interfaces.  Upon receipt of the NPAC message, all SPs will complete the opening for the NPA-NXX code for porting in all switches.
  •   Reseller/Interconnected VoIP Provider/Type 1 Notification, Figure 8.

Step 5:  End